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Ordering process

Select the product

You can select the required category or sub-category in the product menu on the left. Before adding the product to the cart, you have to give the colour, the size and the quantity of the product. The content of the cart can now be extended. If you have selected all the products you wish to order, by clicking on “Cart content” you can check the current content of the cart.

Cart content

The cart content can only be extended after login, and it only appears after login. Click on “Cart content”! Here you can check the current content. You may change the quantity here as well. If you do not wish to buy the product after all, you have to change the quantity to zero. Following exit the content of the cart will be lost.

Checking the order

The content of the cart appears but no modification is possible any more. The mode of transport also has to be given here, which may change the total sum of the order. At the end of the list you can see the total cost of the products, which does not include transport and packaging costs.

Costs of shopping

You can receive our products by cash on delivery or personally in our shops. The indicated prices do not include postage (packaging, transport)! In case of an order the postage depends also on the amount of the products ordered. Personally picking up the products in any of our shops is free of charge!

Finalising the order

No more modifications are possible. The list includes all the items, the mode of transport at the end of the list, and the cost of it (if any), and finally the total sum, including everything. By clicking on “Order” the system sends us your order.

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