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About us

Our ambitious family business is specialized for plus size women’s apparel manufacturing and marketing. We work hard with all our knowledge to do the best considering our customers’ needs. The product line, under the self-produced Sylverro brand, is manufactured exclusively in Hungarian design. The necessary proficiency is a family heritage, which we are very proud of. Besides our many retails, we serve other merchants in Trend2 and in our center of Kistarcsa as well.
We believe that every woman looks great regardless their age and size!

Sylverro Exclusive

The exclusive product line offers the right outfit for every occasion, like weddings, business dinners, theater, banquet etc. Our well-usable pieces with the tricky cut can be combined, and give beneficial figure for the person who wears it.

Sylverro Classic

The basics, classic designed uppers, pants, skirts, offered by our classic product-line, give you every day’s elegance and comfort. Elastic materials with natural fiber pieces provide comfortable wear.

Sylverro Trendy

Our trendy product line, designed for young fashion lovers, offers a comfortable, wearable, trendy outfit for all ages. During designing, we need to find the harmony between the current fashion trends and the different curves that need to be hidden.

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